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 Waste Management company in Bedford and surrounding areas liquid chemical waste under metal grates


Liquid Waste

Its often the largest volume of waste a site produces and invariably the easiest to deal with. As part of our waste disposal, we have the ability to assess, test, prepare and remove the liquid waste from your site. As a one off load or regular collections.

Let us prove ourselves right..

This includes:


  • Plating and acid washings
  • Used Oil and Oily Water
  • HFO, UCO ( Fats, Oils, or Greases )
  • Food washings and effluents

  • Interceptor liquids
  • Industrial Laundry washings
  • Effluents
  • Organic Liquids

  • Latex Wastewater
  • Plasticised watery waste
  • SUDS / Cutting Oil Fluids
  • Bund water



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