We provide sustainable waste management and recycling solutions and are experts in the disposal of pesticides, hazardous materials (COSHH), and toxic waste as well. We provide hazardous waste management in Bedford, East Anglia, the Central Midlands and across the entire UK.


Hazardous and Chemicals Waste

Hazardous waste - assessed, collected and recycled in as few steps as possible  more  

Chemical Waste

Anything that resembles a chemical and its not wanted its a waste, we can deal with it for you  more  

Tankered Liquid Waste

From an interceptor, sewage tank, cesspit, oily suds, bund water, internal processing tanks, HF, HCi, industrial cleaning crew we can provide it all for you  more  

Lab Smalls and research waste

From the school chemical cupboards to the building set for demolition, we can attend, assess, test, collect and recycle it for you . We have skilled disposal experts to do this for...  more  

Clinical, Offensive and Medical

Nursing home, dentist, doctors surgery, tattoo artist, research establishment - our services can cover adhoc or regular collections, anywhere it is produced we can sort it for you.  more  

Construction, Industrial & Environmental Remediation

Our waste management in Bedford and the UK at large is often involved with Construction, Industrial & Environmental Remediation services.  more  

Electrical Waste (WEEE), Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes

IT equipment, laptops, desktops, computers, printers, fridge, freezer, batteries, lithium all and everything electrical we can collect and often for free  more  

Used Oil, Aerosols, Anti-freeze, Oil Filters, Lead Acid Batteries, Tyres

Everything produced by a garage or workshop, oils can be the most detrimental to the environment, for your waste - disposal needs to be documented and fully traceable.  more  

Accident and Emergency Spill Response

Oils, paint, contaminated water, needles, rubbish and fly tips - all are covered with speed and discretion.  more  

Problem Solving & Cost Reduction/CSR Analysis & Implementation Projects

Every business has room for improvement. If you require any of these services, or any other assistance with waste management in Bedford, drop us a message.  more