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Titan Sky Ltd are brokers of waste management in Bedford and the UK as a whole. We are concerned with the safe handling of waste as well as helping to create a sustainable future for our planet. We have over 16 years of valuable experience that render us well-placed to help you dispose of your business’ waste in a way that is responsible, cost-effective and that doesn’t harm the planet we love. Our team of experts are waiting to help you, whatever business you run, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.







What To Do

When disposing of business, manufacturing, and industrial quantities, at the business, manufacturing, and industrial level, it’s crucial to get expert advice. One of the often-forgotten imperatives of the waste hierarchy is that you are personally responsible for any hazardous waste you generate “from cradle-to-grave.” This includes its generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal.

Therefore, you’re not only accountable for the safe handling of waste, be it hazardous or otherwise, from the moment it’s generated but, also, you’re legally responsible for its safe transportation to wherever it will ultimately be processed or disposed of. You’ll be responsible for any improper off-site transportation and disposal – should such a thing happen – along with all the legal and financial liabilities thereto, not to mention the public relations nightmare that goes along with being labelled a “polluter.”

True, you might only generate a single gallon of waste solution per week, but the improper disposal of even that small amount can land you squarely in the crosshairs of the EA, which is not a good place to be.

It can be a fulltime job in itself to ensure that a hazardous-waste management supplier is properly licensed and adequately experienced in the safe handling of waste, whatever kind and size of waste stream you generate. This is especially true in that you’ll need more than one kind of vendor in order to comprehensively manage your hazardous-waste stream: transporters, storage sites, treatment facilities, etc. Titan Sky, however, are able and willing to do it all for you.



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