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We’ve always believed that, when you want to protect the environment and support businesses the right way, you need to offer services that make things quick, efficient and affordable. We use our expertise to find you the perfect solution. As a dedicated waste broker, we specialise in sourcing cost effective, reliable waste management in Bedford, the surrounding areas and all across the UK. We pride ourselves on the fact that our services can be used by any business or industry.

Whether you need anything, from specialist hazardous waste removal and a secure transportation service, to comprehensive industrial services or an innovative approach to total waste management, we make compliance as easy as getting in touch. With a team of experts ready and waiting to ensure nothing is overlooked, and everything is taken care of exactly how it should be, we specialise in providing the expertise that makes all the difference. Not only that, but we can also connect you with dedicated chemist services and safety consultants so you can ensure you have everything you need.

It’s a comprehensive approach that is already helping us to realise our vision: to connect every business in the UK with specialised, eco-friendly, hazardous waste removal solutions at a price that really works.

It just works better that way, for your business, for the planet and for future generations.





If you find yourself in need of hazardous waste removal or any other kind of waste disposal, get in touch through the chat box at the bottom of your screen or give us a call on 07712 208 694 to discuss your needs.





Did you know that, in 1947, Germany was recycling more material as a % of that produced at a higher rate than Great Britain is today? We’re behind the times when it comes to recycling and that’s something Titan Sky looks to combat at every turn.

We continue to strive to be at the forefront of the waste management industry, not just when it comes to price, quality and innovation, but also in terms of sustainability. We aim to provide hazardous waste removal that is fantastic value for our customers, as well as all sorts of other types of waste disposal, whilst recycling and reusing the waste that we collect, delivering a sustainable future for the generations that follow after us.





Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

We follow the RRR Directive – that is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, wherever possible. Our whole outlook on hazardous waste disposal, as well as all other types of waste management, is that we have a duty to save and reuse what we can, making for a more sustainable future for everyone.

Waste Management company in Bedford and surrounding areas ink cartridges for waste disposal

Waste Management company in Bedford and surrounding areas used batteries for waste disposal and recycling

Waste Management company in Bedford and surrounding areas traffic lights and commercial waste





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